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As a student of business and in particular the IT support industry, I am always analyzing what we are doing and how we are doing it versus the competition. In addition, I compare my personal experiences with competing companies in service industries such as retail, restaurant, auto repair, and health care to name a few. What I have come to realize is that for the most part, companies in the same industry have a similar caliber of employee and are using the same tools to deliver their service. The key ingredients that set organizations apart from the competition are corporate culture and process. It’s certainly no different in the IT support industry. The tools that each of us use to communicate with and support our clients are essentially the same. All providers have a remote monitoring tool, a PSA tool, a backup solution, an anti-spam provider, and the list goes on. Most of the engineers and sales professionals I have met in this industry are good people that try hard and treat the client right. But how each company is built to deliver their service (Process) and how their employees are treated for delivering this service is the key (Culture). At Technology Resource Advisors, Inc., we are constantly evaluating each of these areas to ensure our clients are receiving first class service.