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IT services MilwaukeeMany providers of IT services in Milwaukee are offering cloud services to organizations of all sizes. After all, the cloud offers a highly secure and virtually unlimited storage at a reasonable price. There’s no need to buy expensive equipment or hire specialized staff when the provider can deliver all those in exchange for a subscription fee.

Another benefit offered by the cloud is enterprise mobility. Because everything is accessible via the internet, employees can work from anywhere with the help of mobile devices like notebooks, tablets, and smartphones. Some organizations have even implemented a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policy wherein employees can use their personal mobile devices for work.

However, the convenience doesn’t come without these risks:

Human Error

Mobile management offered by providers of IT services in Milwaukee, no matter how efficient, can only do so much if your employees are not aware of the risks of using mobile devices for work. They may jailbreak their devices, click phishing links, forget to change their passwords, just to name a few.

Your organization should first and foremost invest in security awareness training to ensure employees are well-versed in security measures needed to protect enterprise mobility.

Lost or Misplaced Devices

Mobile devices— being small and portable— can easily be lost and misplaced in public places like the airport, bus, cab, etc. They can also be stolen and the owner wouldn’t realize it until later. It’s bad enough to lose a device, but it’s worse to lose the confidential information it contains.

To address this issue, mobile management should include remote data-wipe for missing devices. It can be automatic, performed when password-guessing is detected by the system. It can also be a manual, done from an administrative portal when a device is reported missing.

Hackable Communication Lines

Enterprise mobility entails connecting to the internet, so employees will be using Wi-Fi or cellular data to access cloud-based services. However, there’s danger in doing so, because hackers can tap into Wi-Fi networks and intercept cellular data transmission. The risks are much higher when employees use free Wi-Fi from hot spots, as these can be accessed by anyone.

To minimize the exposure, employees who work on the go should be provided with connectivity so they won’t need to resort to hot spots. Your organization should also partner with a trusted internet service provider and mobile data provider.

Questionable Apps

There are a lot of useful apps out there— and also a lot of malicious ones. Employees may download a shady app to their devices and thus compromise everything in it, including your organization’s confidential information. When they’re using their personal devices, it’s challenging to restrict what they can do with their own property.

A workaround for this security risk is to give employees devices and prohibit them from downloading unapproved apps. It’s easier to implement a strict policy when employees are using company-issued devices.


In spite of the risks, the cloud is still the most practical solution, especially when your organization partners with us at Technology Resource Advisors. As an established provider of IT services in Milwaukee, we have more than a decade of experience under our name. Contact us today for more information.