Why Do Organizations Want The Cloud? - Technology Resource Advisors

Why Do Organizations Want The Cloud?

The Cloud has transformed how organizations consume technology.  As Cloud technology continues to evolve and mature, organizations will also continue to adapt their IT strategy to take advantage of offerings the Cloud provides in the marketplace.

Technology Resource Advisors (TRA) recently attended an IT industry conference focused on Cloud technology. One presenter shared results of “Why Organizations Want Cloud.” The findings mirror what TRA is experiencing with its own clients:

  • 43% Reduce IT capital expenses
  • 40% Reduce cost of IT operations
  • 23% Increase operational productivity
  • 22% Increase agility and competitiveness
  • 21% Improve performance.
  • 15% Access new technologies

Do any of these reasons describe your organization’s motivation to move to or optimize Cloud technology?  If yes, call Greg at TRA today at 414.276.3300 x121 to see how we can help.