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managed IT services Milwaukee, Milwaukee cloud computingCompanies are now thinking of using public cloud computing in their IT strategies. Storing and data processing in the workplace is about to change with the help of managed IT services providers in Milwaukee. Reduced hardware and local storage usage— as well as cost— are only few of the advantages of this new business strategy.

More IT structures in every industry and commercial sector companies are moving their tech operations and data to the cloud.
In simple terms, large corporations, general organizations and small businesses are adopting cloud service models and ditching the traditional models. Also, most of these operations are moving their legacy infrastructure off-site, reducing clutter and enhancing efficiency.

The potential advantages of shifting IT functions to the cloud are obvious and well-known. The model and setup are easy to use, and there are some excellent and affordable subscription options for companies. However, there are still concerns about the security in public cloud computing in Milwaukee. Numerous business owners and managers have come to believe that the public cloud is a spooky place where hackers lurk in the shadows and data disappears into a mist.

If you’re hesitant to use public cloud computing in Milwaukee due to the common misconceptions about security, consider this brief discussion on cloud security.

Are Public Clouds Secure for Your Data?

The prospect of sending company data to a remote location can feel risky. However, there’s no cause for alarm because your managed IT services provider in Milwaukee will ensure that the data remains completely secure and confidential. In general, the cloud service providers encrypt the data in transit to and from the servers. The data will also be encrypted when at rest in the remote servers. There are also multiple mechanisms established to detect and prevent data breaches.

In addition, there are backup resources in place to handle any unexpected power outages. Simply speaking, your data will be protected against common threats to data security such as malicious hackers. Also, if an unauthorized person unexpectedly managed to gain access to the data, they wouldn’t be able to gain an advantage because the information is encrypted, meaning they’d be unable to read it.

When you compare this cloud service setup with a traditional business network structure, you’ll find that the former is highly favorable. A typical office does not have the multiple security resources which are installed in remote data centers. Typically, even large corporations can’t afford to have security IT technicians to constantly monitor the network for threats. This shortcoming compromises the possibility of mitigating cyber-attacks. You should also note that legacy in-house computing requires extensive and expensive management. Poor maintenance will expose the network to threats, and the potential costs of recovery can be astronomical.

Public cloud computing services from experienced managed IT services providers in Milwaukee can help you cut operational costs and improve data security. If you would like to learn more about incorporating cloud solutions into your business, contact our expert technicians at Technology Resource Advisors, Inc.