IT Support in Milwaukee at a Flat Rate Will Save You Money

IT Support in Milwaukee at a Flat Rate Will Save You Money

Three Primary Areas of Advantage

IT support MilwaukeeIT support in Milwaukee will optimize your business, but you’ve got to use it correctly. It’s the difference between using reputable mechanics and cut-rate grease monkeys. The reputable mechanic is certified, and though he may cost a little bit more initially, the fixes remain and your vehicle will last longer. Meanwhile, the cut-rate grease monkey will improvise a fix that lasts 30 miles and then brings you right back to his shop, where he is able to charge you again. When it comes to IT, the break-fix model is the cut-rate grease monkey, and the flat-rate model is the reputable mechanic. Taking a flat-rate service approach has many advantages, not least of which is a predictable budgetary expense as related to IT. Three primary advantages in addition include:

  • Downtime decrease
  • Expense minimization
  • Productivity increase

Downtime Decrease

Say you’ve got a client billing system allowing customers to call your business remotely and your on-site employees to place orders online. It’s a slow system that requires many workarounds. This has prompted your staff to initiate contingency measures— often in the guise of upselling— in order to overcome a system that takes forever to load. This is a more common problem than you may think. When an employee could be making 20 sales a day, they’re only making 10 because they’re waiting on such a slow operating system. You have been working on it for years when, suddenly, it flat-out crashes. There’s no way to bring it online anymore; your business’s traffic has overcome the ability of internal hardware and software to handle it. The only solution is a new hardware system and new software. This transition takes time. Even if you can do it successfully in a week, that’s 1/52nd of the year’s profits eliminated. The cost involved in the installation, troubleshooting, and launch of the new system is another loss. The extent of that loss could be even more substantial than profit decrease.

IT support in Milwaukee which employs proactive monitoring through a flat rate can identify issues before they arise, design a solution, and implement it on the back end before a crash like that totally undermines your operations.

Expense Minimization

When you cut downtime and subsequent maintenance-related expenses, you’re not going to spend as much maintaining your system. The thousands you save in this regard can be devoted to new technology, more effective marketing, or any of a dozen other things which will ultimately optimize your business in a profitable way.

Productivity Increase

When you can cut expenses on IT, as previously mentioned, those resources can be allocated elsewhere. Also, more streamlined operating systems predicate more effective employees. It also becomes easier to upgrade technologically— which is something you’ll have to do every three to five years anyway. With the right flat-rate model, a proactive monitoring solution could extend functionality to five years regularly, which will also save money. It’s an all-around win-win.

Curtail Unnecessary Spending

IT support in Milwaukee through Technology Resource Advisors, Inc. is offered at a flat-rate. Through us, you can save money, save time, maximize the utility of resources, and increase productivity. Contact us for tech solutions designed to maximize the efficacy of your business through professional computer maintenance and monitoring solutions.