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History Doesn’t Repeat Itself, But Does It Rhyme?

IT support MilwaukeeIT support experts in Milwaukee can help flesh out this concept popularized by Mark Twain. The idea has been around for a long time, and it applies to more than just social trends; there is a technological element to this as well. It’s almost like a sapling growing into a tree–at the beginning, it’s a smaller representation of what it will be. When mature, the tree is essentially the same “shape” as it was, but it has become stronger, larger, and more established. Modern technology in that sense may be likened to a great redwood.
This is especially true in regard to the cloud. You may think cloud computing is itself a revolution; but the truth is, cloud computing has roots that stretch back to the earliest days of computing. “Dumb” terminals acted like end-user devices (laptops, smartphones, etc.) to facilitate integrated connectivity over great distances. The innovation of the web itself is essentially a data “cloud” projected from multiple servers and server arrays the world over.

Cloud Options

Cloud computing represents a larger maturation of a concept fundamental to the digital information age— ubiquitous connectivity. You can trace it back to radio if you like; which led to television, and then the web. Accordingly, when a transition like cloud computing begins to further expand technological growth, it becomes imperative to properly utilize this shift as a business.
Cloud computing providers understand the needs of even the most secure clients. IT support experts in Milwaukee can help you find the cloud solution that’s right for your business. Some organizations need private clouds, some need public, and some do public and private cloud options to maximize cost-effectiveness while retaining necessary security measures.


It’s competitively necessary to get involved with cloud computing, as well. If you can replace an onsite server array or two with a networking solution through the cloud, that will save you tens of thousands of dollars annually; not to mention associated savings related to space and the possibility of a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) protocol for employees.
So, the rhyming innovation of modernity most certainly incorporates the cloud, and some new technological “growth” advantageous for businesses of varying sizes include:

  • Increased competitiveness
  • Reduced expenses
  • Options to fit any business

Securing Cloud Solutions

You don’t want to be left behind by technological rhymes as the redwood of tech development continues to grow. IT support in Milwaukee through Technology Resource Advisors, Inc. can help you design tech solutions which best fit your business. Contact us for cloud computing solutions, as well as a variety of other technology solutions designed for businesses.