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IT services MilwaukeeWhat’s Server Virtualization?

IT services in Milwaukee have changed a lot with the advent of cloud computing. One of the most used services, which come from the cloud today, is server virtualization. You may not have heard this specific term but you’ve probably worked on partitioned computers before.

Basically, if you’ve got a generic desktop, there will be a hard drive of some variety on which the operating system has been loaded.

The information is stored in a way which may not be recognizable as linear to anyone but a computer programmer. It’s stored in a sort of holographic manner across the disk. Now, if you partition it that’s kind of like cutting it in half. It’s not actually cut in half, you understand. Think of the hearts in an earthworm. You can cut the worm in half and it yet lives because it has multiple hearts. Well, you can partition some desktop hard drives multiple times.

When you start your computer, you can make it start up from one of the “drives” you’ve partitioned. If that “drive” crashes, you can still boot from the other “drives”. In this way, you can have one part of your computer be devoted to work and another devoted to recreation. You can, also, divvy the drive up by projects.

Expanding the Concept

When it comes to server virtualization, you’re expanding the same concept to the cloud. The difference is, instead of a drive being partitioned on a desktop, you’ve got a server partitioned on the cloud. It’s your own private server separate from others across the platform. As with the hard-disk, data on the cloud is stored holographically. Imagine it as a scaled-up version of the desktop computer.

In a picture on a computer screen, individual bits of information called pixels make up the total picture. It’s like an individual in one of North Korea’s massive demonstrations. They all hold up signs and it appears to make a moving picture from a distance as thousands move in practiced synchronization.

Well, with IT services in Milwaukee that provide cloud solutions; each “pixel” is a server. They are connected in an array and, together, make a cohesive whole. It might help you to think of each one as a microchip composing a total machine. This is an improper characterization of microchips but it does paint a picture. When you use a cloud computing solution for server virtualization your data is actually stored in the cloud computing array. It’s accessible to you in a single “chunk” as though you were communicating with a physical server at your location.

Acquiring Server Virtualization

By using server virtualization you can actually outsource internal operations with better service delivery. A top-tier tech organization maintaining a server array will be, continuously, cutting edge and run a more secure system than the majority of internal solutions.

Advantages of server virtualization include:

  • Increased Security
  • Continuously Cutting Edge Maintenance and Support
  • Potential for Increased Computational Performance

Consider the cloud IT services in Milwaukee through Technology Resource Advisors, Inc. They can help you understand your options. Server virtualization is a very effective cloud solution. Contact us to see if it’s right for you.