IT Consulting in Milwaukee: Why SMBs are Transitioning to the Cloud

IT Consulting in Milwaukee: Why SMBs are Transitioning to the Cloud

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As time progresses, more and more small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are learning about the advantages of the cloud and making the move to this high-tech solution. The cloud significantly reduces costs, ramps up efficiency and ultimately drives revenue. Here are the reasons examined by an IT consulting crew in Milwaukee on why so many SMBs are making the move to the cloud:

The Cloud Cuts Costs

For most companies, this is the top reason to move to the cloud. Saving money is especially important for SMBs. In order for growth to occur, costs must be kept in check. There is no sense paying through the nose for onsite solutions when you can pay a fraction of the cost by moving to the cloud. After all, the typical tech worker makes a salary upwards of $50,000 to six figures on up. Why pay someone to monitor your tech and perform routine maintenance tasks when you can obtain a fantastic return on your investment by shifting to the cloud?

Studies show the cost of cloud-based solutions is between 35 percent and 50 percent less than onsite solutions. The cloud is affordable as it eliminates those infrastructure costs like databases, servers, physical space, operating systems, migration, upgrades and so on.

Enhanced Mobility

Most SMBs turn to the cloud to provide employees who work from afar with access to solutions for communication. Remote workers can use laptops, smartphones, tablets and other computing devices to work from thousands of miles away. It is even possible to collaborate with others through the cloud. This is precisely why so many of those who work at SMBs are adamant that the cloud levels the playing field between them and the large corporations.

It certainly helps that cloud monitoring services have made the management and monitoring of SMB cloud deployments as simple as possible. This simplification has greatly alleviated concerns about transitioning to the cloud. However, if you still have any fears or questions about the cloud, reach out to an IT consulting group in Milwaukee for assistance.

More Flexibility

The cloud’s flexibility makes it that much more tempting for SMBs. As an example, two of the uber-popular cloud technologies are PaaS and Iaas. Their appeal mainly lies in their flexibility for the analysis of big data. Iaas technology is extremely flexible, allowing for a fast deployment of resources. This rapid expansion permits considerable growth.

SMBs can pay as desired for on-demand usage, enjoying the ability to access the type of big data that would otherwise be restricted to large companies. Yet the SMB does not have to pay the egregiously high cost for all of the appropriate hardware. PaaS provides SMBs with the ability to hike or lower data storage capacity in an affordable manner.

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