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Is Your IT Department Overwhelmed?

Here at Technology Resource Advisors (TRA), we work with many business leaders whose main concern is the workload on their information technology (IT) department.  It’s quite common to hear:

“My IT person is so busy, I think I need to hire another IT guy.”

“Our IT person always has someone at their door waiting for help.”

“We have all of these projects on our radar but can never get started.”

“We know we need to modernize our IT but we’re not  sure where to begin.”

“My IT person wears so many hats there is no time left to actually run IT.”

Sound familiar?  Overwhelmed and/or understaffed IT departments can limit the time spent researching and deploying technological advances that could benefit the organization.  

Utilizing an outside IT management firm can reduce the burden and stress on your internal resources. By outsourcing mundane, day-to-day IT department tasks, your IT team is able work on strategic business initiatives, while maintaining the personal touch of IT support.  Using an experienced IT management firm can also lower human resources cost by reducing the number of experienced IT professionals you need to hire effectively run your business.

Let Technology Resource Advisors be your IT partner. We have the knowledge and staff to take on your organization’s information technology support needs while working within your budget. If your IT department is overwhelmed, contact TRA today. Together, we can explore an IT support strategy that works for you.