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Your District’s Cybersecurity Journey: CyberCare

This webinar is a great opportunity to learn how TRA’s cybersecurity offering, CyberCare, can assist with the creation, implementation, and management of your school district’s cybersecurity plan.

Join Nick Zellmer, Account Executive from Technology Resource Advisors, as he discusses how CyberCare can help your K-12 district develop a solid cybersecurity strategy. We believe cybersecurity is a proactive journey, not a destination. Discover how you can navigate that journey and strengthen your school district’s overall cybersecurity posture.

TRA team members will be on hand to answer your questions during the presentation.

Nick Zellmer
Webinar Host – Account Executive – Technology Resource Advisors

Tom Reminga
CTO, Principal – Technology Resource Advisors


Feb 18 2021


10:00 am

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