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managed services MilwaukeeEven if you hand over all your IT processes to your IT consulting provider in Milwaukee, it won’t make a difference if your company culture doesn’t make security a top priority. Cyber criminals may have advanced digital tools in their arsenal, but social engineering remains their most effective weapon. Social engineering is the practice of deceiving people into giving up confidential information. A couple examples of these are phishing and baiting.

You can stop your employees from falling victims to these tactics by creating a culture of security in your company. Results don’t appear overnight, but the impact is lasting if done right. Here are some things you can do to establish that culture:

Train and Retrain

All new employees should have comprehensive security training where they can learn about various strategies for acquiring sensitive data. One of the most common methods is the aforementioned phishing, which refers to the act of pretending to be a trustworthy entity to trick people into revealing passwords, social security numbers, credit card numbers, and other similar information. Usually, phishing attempts are in the form of emails that look like they came from the recipient’s bank or other reputable entity, so the recipient gives what’s being asked without hesitation. But when you raise awareness, your employees will become more discerning. Of course, people tend to forget if they aren’t reminded regularly, so give periodic refresher courses to your current employees. An annual review of current security policies can go a long way.

Provide Incentives

People like free stuff and your employees are no exception. To make security less intimidating and more engaging, reward employees who practice good security habits. When they successfully complete a training course, you can give them small cash incentives. If that’s out of budget, even a discount voucher to a nearby restaurant can be a big motivator. You can also do this by teams. For example, if a department has no security issue in a year, they get budget for a small office party. It’s not about bribing them, but encouraging them to be accountable for their actions. It also makes learning more fun, which is important because security isn’t the most exciting topic in the world.

Make Security a Common Goal

Organizations across the world have their own mission visions and company values. For your own company, make security one of its pillars. Your employees will take security seriously if they know that’s one of the main things the company stands for and adheres to. Extend this not only to your employees but also your IT consulting provider in Milwaukee. All your partners should understand just how important security is for your company.

All these will work great in establishing a culture of security in your company. Nevertheless, the key to success here is leading by example. If your employees can see how the leaders and C-suite executives practice good security habits, then they will be motivated to do the same.

Part of a culture of security is building meaningful relationships with your IT consulting provider in Milwaukee. That’s exactly what we offer at Technology Resource Advisors. Contact us today for more information on our services.