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IT support Milwaukee, cloud computing MilwaukeeDon’t Get Spooked!

IT support in Milwaukee deals with many clients who aren’t entirely educated pertaining to cloud computing. There are a lot of myths going around. It’s rather like kids in the neighborhood spooked at the new kid on the block and not getting the courage to actually meet him until they go trick-or-treating on a cold Halloween night. Before the mom or dad of the “cloud” residence can get to the door, the kids get spooked and run off!

With cloud computing, many hear or see something about this innovation, entertain it briefly, then forget about it. Until some “Halloween” impetus encourages them to use the cloud, they don’t. Now, with smart phones becoming miniature prescient computers, people are often given free storage on the cloud–this is like the kids knocking on the door of the new neighborhood arrival. Beyond that tiny bit of contact, though, many don’t have direct experience with the cloud. So, they work from word-of-mouth, hunches, and suspicion, or they embrace the new cloud too much and end up using it when it isn’t the best solution.

With this in mind, the following are several things about the cloud that you should consider:

  • Cloud Transition Is Not a Solo Effort
  • Cloud Doesn’t Fit all Needs
  • Much More than Savings Recommend Cloud Use

You’re Not Flying Solo

There isn’t just one individual defining the decision to make a cloud transition. Realistically, you’ll have IT departments, various management heads and certain disparate divisions that will be affected. Information must be collected from all affected departments in order to ensure the transition goes smoothly. Additionally, such transitions are often done gradually in order to minimize the impact of change.

Cloud Computing Isn’t a Fix-All

There are a lot of things for which cloud computing represents an exceptional solution, but there are some things that aren’t totally suited to it. This is one of the reasons why choosing to make the cloud switch is a team effort. You need information from every quarter in order to determine if this is the move for you. For many companies, this will be a cost-effective move, but there are some things cloud computing just can’t fix–keep that in mind.

Multiple Regions of Applicability

IT support in Milwaukee providing cloud support will do more than just save you money. Sure, you’re likely to experience cost-reduction operationally, but you’re additionally going to see increased security in systems management, increased failover protection in the event of an emergency, increased operational advantage from expedited processing systems and, subsequently, increased competitive advantage over peers if they haven’t beat you to the cloud punch.

Plus, with the cloud, you can outsource office space to employee domains through Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) protocols. This allows you to get the same level of profitability without the expense of infrastructure, while simultaneously increasing employee output. Data shows BYOD solutions yield productive employees.

Choose the Right Technology Solution

IT support in Milwaukee through Technology Resource Advisors, Inc. can help you determine where cloud computing solutions will best fit your business. Contact us for a consultation and systems evaluation. The likelihood is that cloud solutions can optimize your business, and it’s just possible that it has features that overrule preconceived ideas.