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Utilizing the Cloud for a Business Advantage

The widespread proliferation of Cloud Technology allows organizations of all sizes to deploy enterprise level solutions while remaining fiscally responsible. Technology Resource Advisors, Inc. works with our clients to assist in the design, deployment, and support of Private, Public, and Hybrid Cloud computing solutions. Our offering is ideal for clients that want to utilize the Cloud for web applications, development & testing, database servers, and general usage servers.

Fixed Monthly Fee:

Simply pick and choose from a menu of options to build your desired configuration and we will send you a monthly bill that encompasses all services consumed. No additional fees, no surprises!

Local Support:

Unlike the giant Cloud players, we provide a local team of support professionals to assist as needed with your cloud deployment design, implementation, and ongoing system management.

High Availability:

Data image backups are taken every 30 minutes with the option to replicate servers within the same data center or to a secondary data center in a different geographic location.

Security & Compliance:

All virtual servers sit behind a fully configurable and dedicated firewall and the storage pools utilize SSAE 16 compliant 256-bit AES encryption. We are able to provide security measures that match or exceed specific compliance requirements for industries such as finance and health care.