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IT support MilwaukeeAccording to IBM, the annual U.S. cost of cybercrime is $11.56 million dollars per organization. With the push towards mobile devices increasing, companies find securing employee devices more and more challenging. However, there are IT support companies in Milwaukee that are experts at securing your company’s devices and educating your employees with the best tips for keeping your company’s information safe.

Here are some tips that will help keep your company’s mobile devices secure:

Upgrade Your Login System

Classic username and password ideas have become a major weak point for cyber thieves to exploit. About 90% of organizations only employ basic passcode level security, but the best way to reliably secure your devices without inconveniencing workers is to use a multi-factor authentication system.

While passwords and usernames can be overcome somewhat easily, personal knowledge is much harder to get a hold of. By implementing simple practices like security questions, you can dramatically increase the security of your network’s devices in and out of the office without sacrificing efficiency or work time.

Standardize Your Security Protocol

Oftentimes, employees who are unfamiliar with cyber security take unnecessary risks without realizing that they are putting sensitive information in danger. The risk is further increased when mobile devices, especially those outside of the office, come into play. By standardizing security protocols for every employee, you ensure that everyone knows what activities are potentially harmful to your network’s cyber security and you are better able to hold employees accountable for their cyber activity.

Creating a standard protocol might sound tricky, but most IT support companies in Milwaukee are available for consultation to create a standard security protocol. Some IT companies will even work with your individual employees to help educate them so that you can be sure everyone on your team knows how to properly secure their mobile devices.

Monitor Your System More Often

Unfortunately, standardizing your cyber security protocol isn’t a complete fix. Protocols can become outdated and mistakes can still happen regardless of how well you train your employees. However, system monitoring can help you identify potential problems before they become a real security breach. It will also allow you to see where your security threat is coming from so that you can form an effective solution to your security problem.

Furthermore, if you or your employees don’t know much about system monitoring, there are plenty of IT support companies that can monitor your system remotely for you.

Have a Plan for Lost Devices

One recurring problem with mobile device security is that they can be stolen or lost. About 32% of companies report that lost or stolen devices are the leading cause of mobile security incidents. One way to do secure devices that might be lost or stolen is to encrypt the drive. Encrypted drives ensure that the data on your mobile device can only be read when the proper authentication is used thereby protecting your data even after the mobile device is lost.

These are just a few tips that can help your company be truly secure in and out of the office. Be sure to trust IT support companies in Milwaukee like Technology Resource Advisors, Inc. to ensure that your company’s data is secure across all fronts. To learn more about how we can help safeguard your business against cyber threats, contact us today.