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I recently attended the Autotask Live 2013 conference in Scottsdale.

TRA has been using Autotask since 2007 to run the key functions of our business – CRM and Service Desk.  With the use of Autotask, TRA has been able to achieve rapid growth due to our ability to successfully manage a sales engine and rapidly service our client base. When searching for an IT service provider, it is imperative to understand how their business operates on a day to day basis including what tools and processes are in place to effectively support your organization. Mark Cattini, CEO of Autotask, was spot on during his keynote address when he stated that “Smart IT is leveraging technology to create positive business results and outcomes for your clients”.  Kudos to Mark Cattini and Autotask for providing TRA with the framework required to deliver a consistent and predictable result for our clients.