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Servicing our Local School Districts

Technology Resource Advisors, Inc. assists schools with the challenging task of selecting, installing, managing, and supporting technology infrastructure. Our consultative approach, program awareness, and full service support model enable us to make a positive long-term impact on the financially strapped education market.

1:1 Initiatives / Chromebooks and Windows Devices:

Choosing the right device for students is often the most overlooked aspect in 1:1 initiatives. Characteristics that should be considered before placing a device in a student’s hands include but are not limited to battery life, durability, longevity, and form factor.

Technology Resource Advisors, Inc. provides unbiased analysis, real time market data, peer contacts, and hands on experience for school districts to use in the evaluation process. Our knowledgeable and experienced staff will customize a comparison matrix with benchmark testing specific to the needs of the school district. Technology Resource Advisors, Inc. will share in depth breakage rates for the Chromebook and Windows models we support. Based on the size of the school district and the 1:1 philosophy, our team members will facilitate collaboration with similar institutions. Technology Resource Advisors, Inc. will deploy demo units to the school district for personalized rigorous testing procedures.

Deploying devices can be challenging and time consuming even with extensive planning and manpower. Technology Resource Advisors, Inc.’s Chrome Care Rapid Deploy service reduces the burden on school district personnel and expedites the rollout schedule. The Chrome Care Rapid Deploy service includes enrolling devices in the school district’s Google Domain, downloading all current updates to the Chromebook, applying and recording asset tags, providing an inventory spreadsheet for import into the school district’s Learning Management System, and assisting in unboxing once the devices arrive on site.

Technology Resource Advisors, Inc. is an authorized sales and service provider for all Tier 1 Chromebooks and Windows devices as well as the Google Management Console.

Software & Professional Development:

Rolling out the proper device into the school district is only one piece of the puzzle. Choosing the right software and training staff is a crucial part to a successful initiative.

Technology Resource Advisors, Inc. will assist with selecting the right software and training regardless of platform. One example is for school districts that require visibility beyond the Google Management Console. Technology Resource Advisors, Inc. has recommended and implemented Hapara for these school districts. Once the preferred software tools are in place, a professional development plan is the next step. Technology Resource Advisors, Inc. partners with highly qualified and respected trainers in the Midwest and will assist in customizing curriculum to educate staff members based on key variables provided by the school district.


With over hundreds of different cases, carts, and various accessories it can be extremely difficult to select which options best fit your district.

Technology Resource Advisors, Inc. offers a wide selection of cases, carts, and charging lockers from the industry’s leading manufacturers. Customization options exist for logo embroidery and logo engraving. Our team is able to provide guidance and advice on the reliability and durability of accessories used by other school districts.

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